Certificate and Associates Degrees

Searchable tool to explore degree programs available at the local community colleges.

How to use this tool:

Use the buttons at the bottom of each column to view the pop-up menus and select the schools and degrees you are interested in.

  • If you already know what you want to study – see which schools offer the majors you are interested in, use the menu under ‘Areas of Study’ and select all that apply.
  • If you already know what school you want to go to – see what majors they offer, use the menu under that school and select the type of degree you want.
  • If you have just started the exploration process – use the menus in each column to learn more about what each school offers.

Degree Types

Certificate (Cert.): Short-term training program with fewer units in a specific area of study. Certificate programs are typically less than two years, and give you the skills needed to jump start your career.

Associates of Arts (AA): Two-year degree awarded from a community college. AA degrees focus more on non-science and non-math courses. Students can transfer to a 4-year university with an AA degree.

Associates of Science (AS): Two-year degree awarded from the Community College. AS degrees focus more on science and math courses. Students can transfer to a 4-year university with an AS degree.

Search by school, area of study, and degree type.

  • You can always start your search over by clicking the ‘clear filter’ button at the top of the chart. 
  • You can also download and print your search results by using the options at the top.