Postsecondary Education Resources

OYP created resources for youth and young adults who are interested in attending postsecondary education, to find their best-fit education and training program.

For more information on these tools or for guidance on how best to use them, contact OYP’s Collaborative Initiatives Manager, Courtney Portal at

Certificates and Associates Degrees

Searchable tool to explore degree programs available at the local community colleges. Search by school, area of study, and degree type.  Click to search.

My Pathway

A tool created for service providers to use with an individual who is ready to begin the career exploration process.  One might use this tool to document the results from the career assessments, pathway options, obstacles, and career goals. Click for PDF. Click for Link.

Non-College Post-Secondary Education Options

A tool created for service providers to use with youth who are interested in obtaining postsecondary education outside of the traditional college setting. Similar to certificate programs offered at Community Colleges, CTE programs provide focused, short-term career training options. One might use this tool when discussing the differences between CTE programs, such as eligibility, start dates, and tuition costs. Click for Google Sheet.

Community College Guidebook

This guidebook is a detailed, step-by-step tool developed for someone who would like to enroll in any Community College in Santa Clara County. This guidebook was created with students currently enrolled in community college who have gone through the enrollment process themselves. Click for PDF