Resource Link

What is Resource Link?

Resource Link is a collaborative working group that brings together two sides of the education-to-career pathways equation for Opportunity Youth in Santa Clara County. The purpose of Resource Link is to connect community based supports and services to schools that target young people returning to secondary education. The goal is to create a powerful system of tightly linked educational and support services capable of reliably moving even the highest-barrier students to secondary completion.

Issue Statement

Reengagement high schools in Santa Clara County are serving our highest need students, many of whom enroll with unmet needs and barriers to continuing their education. These schools are unable to address these non-academic needs on their own; this is particularly true when it comes to more substantial barriers, which are often the very barriers that caused students to leave school early in the first place. Currently, schools do not systematically assess students for needs/barriers and thus do not have a reliable mechanism for connecting high-need students to necessary services. Further, without data that defines the needs and barriers of students, in a common language that is shared by schools and community based organizations, the opportunity for inter-agency coordination supporting students’ educational momentum is lost.

What We Will do to Address This Issue

  • Implement a common needs assessment at reengagement schools to be conducted with all students at intake
    • This will give schools a common language and understanding of student needs for school staff
    • A needs assessment will tell students and staff exactly what a young person needs in order to move toward stabilization and self-sufficiency
    • This will allow schools to be able to express the specific needs of their students in a language understood by CBOs
    • This will help schools make the appropriate referral to CBOs
  • Conduct a monthly working meeting which will build relationships between school and CBO staff, and support efficient upfront and ongoing communication
    • A monthly touchpoint will create a venue for transmitting information, direct inquiry, and follow up on shared clients
    • Further, through the experience of working toward a common goal via common language, Resource Link will provide an opportunity to better understand each other’s services, roles, and outcomes
  • Create a shared culture of accountability to students
    • A reliable and consistent meeting with a focus on coordination to meet young people’s needs will provide schools staff and CBO staff a defined interval and clear expectations to follow through all agreed tasks


Reengagement high schools

  • Opportunity Youth Academy
  • SIATech at Job Corps San Jose
  • San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School

Community based organizations

  • Bill Wilson Center
  • ConXion to Community
  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte – Teen Parent Success Program
  • Seneca Family of Agencies
  • Work2future Foundation