About OYP

The Opportunity Youth Partnership (OYP) is a collective impact initiative focused on developing education-to-career pathways for Opportunity Youth in Santa Clara County.

Formed in 2013, the OYP convenes public systems, community-based organizations, education providers, elected officials, and the business community in order to better coordinate supports and resources across Santa Clara County. The OYP’s goal is to ensure every Opportunity Youth has a pathway back to education and onward to career employment.

The OYP is a member of the Opportunity Youth Forum, a national network convened by the Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions. OYP is one of 24 communities across the country collaborating to improve practice and connect the siloed organizations and systems that Opportunity Youth rely on for support and stability.

The OYP is organized and supported by Kids in Common, a program of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.